Three-Part Series: Understanding the Updated Phase II and III Requirements of Participation Guidance
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Course Description:

This enlightening three-part series will outline the new and revised guidance for the Requirements of Participation for
skilled nursing facilities. An overview of the RoP changes as well as an in-depth review of infection control changes,
abuse prevention, and the updated impact of the psychosocial guidance will be included in this series. Learn how to
prioritize for these changes and create a win-win strategy for success. Attendees will receive handouts that include
resources and tools to assist in implementation of the changes. If you would like to learn more about our training options please click here.


Upon completion of the session, attendees will:
• Recognize the key updates impacting facility processes in the revised Requirements of Participation for skilled nursing facilities
• Describe the revised guidance changes related to infection control, abuse prevention and the impact of the psychosocial updates
• Summarize key leadership implementation strategies and resources for operational success 


Colleen Toebe, RN-MSN, CWCN, RAC-MTA, RAC-MT
Director of Consulting Services of Pathway Health