PDPM during COVID-19 for Administrators
Course Description:

Skilled nursing facilities have experienced many challenges during the pandemic, including the loss of residents and staff, falling census, and increased cost. CARES ACT financial relief has not consistently covered the costs incurred. Increased use of PP and staff overtime are costs that have increased dramatically due to the pandemic. This course will assist the Administrator to refocus on clinical reimbursement and identify systems that impact Medicare. The practical application of Federal Medicare waivers and new ICD-10 CM diagnosis codes for 2021 will be reviewed. We will discuss key actions needed to optimize reimbursement under the Medicare PDPM payment category system that can be swiftly implemented to put your facility’s reimbursement back on the right path.

Targeted Audience:

Executive Directors, Administrators


Participants will be able to:
Describe the PHE waivers applied to Medicare SNF benefits
Identify clinical processes that optimize Medicare reimbursement under PDPM.

Course Length:

This course takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

Karolee Withers, RN, RAC-CT
Director of Clinical and Reimbursement Consulting