INTERACT™ Certified Champion 4.5 Program QIP
The INTERACT Certified Champion Program is designed to train frontline clinical leaders who will serve as champions and co-champions to implement and sustain the INTERACT™ Quality Improvement Program (QIP) in their organization through education, embedding the INTERACT™ QIP into routing clinical care and QI processes, monitoring INTERACT™ QIP processes and outcomes, and providing the facility team and leadership with continuous feedback on INTERACT™ (QIP) performance.

Learning Objectives:

Upon the completion of this training session, the attendee will be able to:

1. Describe the current landscape of health care reform and funding that make the INTERACT™ an essential QI initiative for post-acute and long-term care organizations

2. Articulate the key strategies that form the foundation of the INTERACT™ QIP

3. Understand how to optimally utilize INTERACT™ QIP tools and resources

4. Define key strategies for successful INTERACT™ QIP implementation, including how INTERACT™ can help meet QAPI requirements

5. Define key strategies for successfully sustaining the INTERACT™ QIP implementation processes

6. Measure and track organization-specific INTERACT™ QIP implementation processes

7. Measure and track organization-specific INTERACT™ QIP hospitalization and other related outcomes

8. Report and interpret feedback on INTERACT™ QIP implementation and outcomes to the facility team and leadership

9. Demonstrate an ability to effectively educate facility staff on the INTERACT™ QIP

10. Understand how to complete the INTERACT Certified Champion training certification process

Targeted Audience: Licensed Staff

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